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" The Ultimate Experience in Recording Ministry

Blab Productions is a music production and Entertainment Company fashioned with a unique out of the box style for music ministry and artist management.  It is also the connection of Blab Studios LLC, in which both entities are under one LLC umbrella.  Blab Production’s vision is to produce, write and inspire the best under God’s anointing and be most pleasing in God’s sight pertaining to recording music ministry and events.  Blab Productions also offers an unparelled training, both professionally and personally with a sense of community uniquely equipped to influence the direction of music ministry.
Blab Studios is located in the beautiful serene, rural area of Newark, Delaware.  The scenery around the studio celebrates the awesomeness of God and God’s earthy peaceful creation.  The studio’s reasonable pricing is also a ministry in itself.  Blab Studio’s rates are reasonable because our goal is to help the up and coming gospel artist or gospel group, but at the same time offer a professional, high quality product.